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Accu-Cull Digital Weigh Scale With Mini Grip


The normal weighing experience is weigh the fish, measure the length, tag the fish and record its weight if that can all be remembered in the moment. That is not a problem when using the Accu-Cull Digital Scale. Features include accuracy to the hundredth of one pound with a memory function. A 38 inch tape measure in the handle for convenience and additional accuracy. A water resistant exterior which allows storage and use on the boat without concern. The auto shutoff makes sure when the unit sits ideal for sometime the batteries don’t run out before the next time it is needed. A backlit LCD screen allows for easy view of the weights and an oversized weigh hook allows for weight bags and mini clips to be used with ease for weighing fish up to 55lbs.


  • Scale
  • 1 Per Pack
  • Color: Black
  • Holds Up To 55 lbs / 25 kg
  • Tape Meausre up to 38 inches
  • Two AAA Required - NOT included