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6th Sense Mad Dog


Big baits catch big fish plain and simple. The 6th Sense MagDog Topwater Walking Bait is an oversized topwater that calls to the biggest and most aggressive fish in the lake. Designed for one purpose to chunk and walk, the 6th Sense MagDog Topwater Walking Bait’s large profile results in maximum casting distance and a highly visible target for fish to hone in on. Its internal rattle system also keeps the bait perfectly balanced for an effortless walk-the-dog action and to create loud acoustics that calls fish from a far distance. 

Perfect for targeting schooling fish in open water or working high percentage targets in shallow water, the 6th Sense MagDog Topwater Walking Bait is most effective when used with a fast retrieve to trigger aggressive reaction strikes. But it is also highly effective with a slow methodical retrieve for those times when the fish are pressured and not in an aggressive feeding mood. Finished with two super sharp and extremely strong EWG treble hooks that provide the hook penetration and power needed to land big fish, the 6th Sense MagDog Topwater Walking Bait is available in a selection of highly detailed colors that match the forage on any body of water.