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3:16 Rising Son Line Thru


The Rising Son is a bait that's meant to operate in that

  • Pushing a V wake (Regular line thru version)
  • Skipping on the top
  • Moving slowly just a foot or two down.
  • Can be fished deep with weighted hooks
  • Can be fished thru weed using top hook version or weedless version

This is bait that has the buoyancy to move and twitch on top with seductive action, while moving the bait only a few feet toward the boat to keep your bait in the strike zone longer. Skip, skip skip SLOSH. That's what we're after here.

Rigging Instructions
- Line Thru: Feed your line thru the hole at the nose. Line will come out at the chin - Tie on your hook - Embed one hook into the belly; two hooks will be exposed. Make sure the split ring is flat against the body.
- For Top Hook: Then feed line thru the hole in belly out the back - Tie on your hook - Embed one hook into the back; two hooks will be exposed