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Spro Hunter Crank 65 SB

Hunter 65 SB brings the versatile square bill bait into play. Square bill baits are notorious
for getting the biggest of bass to strike as they deflect off the thick cover. It’s erratic hunting action and loud knocking sound gets the bass’s attention, making this bait a must-have for any bass angler. Armed with the world’s sharpest #4 Gamakatsu treble hooks, you will be able to count on solid hook sets to wench bass out of the heavy cover. With a dive curve of 3’-5’ ft, this is the perfect bait to fish over rocks and timber.

  • Hunting Action
  • Colors: Black Silver, Chartreuse Black Back,
  • Chartreuse Blue, Citrus Shad, Nasty Shad,
  • Old Fire Tiger, Pumpkin Seed, Rayburn Red,
  • Spring Craw, Taco Salad
  • Made with Gamakatsu Hooks