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Poe's Timber Turbine Topwater Bait

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Timber Turbine

Cedar Top Water Single Propeller Jerk Bait with Heavy Duty Rigging Bone 7.5 in.

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Poe's Timber Turbine were built to replace the void of the discontinued Luhr Jensen Big Game Woodchopper. They are constructed from cedar, the finish is extra tough and every size is built with heavy duty stainless hardware rigging including the unique adjustable high speed/high turbulence propeller plus all treble hooks are 4X strong. This version of peacock bass top water bait (timber turbine) has a slim design to reduce fatigue when fishing it back to the boat but hold-up to thousands of casts. The adjustable propeller makes a unique sound that the peacock bass are not use to hearing and calls them from long distances. Whether you are fishing for monster peacock bass in the Amazon or large musky in Minnesota the new Poe's Timber Turbine will handle the job.