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Picasso Lures Pro Metal Worm Weight

The Picasso Pro Metal Worm Weights are an excellent alternative for anglers that demand better performing weights than pure lead, but don't want to pay the extra money for tungsten. Made by combining lead with much harder metal alloys, the Pro Metal Worm Weights offer greater sensitivity and a better feel of the bottom than their lead counterparts.

The Picasso Pro Metal Worm Weights are also coated with the same high quality Duraseal chip-resistant used on Picasso's tungsten weights. Available in a range of colors, the Picasso Pro Metal Weights are hard on the lake bottom, and easy on your wallet.
  • Pro metal alloy is harder than pure lead
  • Duraseal coating for chip-resistant long lasting color
  • Clean and consistent shape and form

1/64 oz 
1/32 oz 
1/16 oz 
1/8 oz 
3/16 oz 
1/4 oz 
5/16 oz 
3/8 oz 
1/2 oz 
3/4 oz 
1 oz