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Megabass V9 Spinner Bait


Megabass V9 Spinner Bait


One of Megabass’ very first products in the mid-80’s was an innovative new spinnerbait called the V-FLAT, featuring a deceptively simple V” shaped keel-weighted design. Through decades of refinement, the V9 represents the 9th iteration of that original concept, built specifically for high-speed blade rotation at slower retrieves—and unrivaled performance.   

 Chidori blades power higher rpm even at slow speeds 

 Custom longshank hook increases the hook-up ratio 

 Shaped wire transmits blade vibration throughout bait and skirt with vigor 

The V9’s custom blades are more of a teardrop than a traditional willow, generating water resistance that powers higher RPMs even at slower retrieve speeds. This means more flash and vibration with every handle-turn, dialing up the V9’s appeal to target fish. Carefully shaped wire transmits this vibration to the hydrodynamically-designed head and responsive skirt design, creating an enticing movement that draws vicious strikes.  

Grounded by its keel-weighted design, the V9 tracks true and recovers quickly from deflections, allowing peak performance at varying retrieve speeds* Skirt fibers are hand-tied to a wide-diameter neck, giving each strand more room to breathe and allowing for responsive and dynamic movement.  

*Please note the V9 is designed specifically for higher blade-rotation at medium-fast to slow retrieve speeds. At very high retrieve speeds the V9 will rise in the water column. Please experiment to find your optimal retrieve range with each gear ratio.