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Live Target Freestyle Frog

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With its Injected Core Technology, the LIVETARGET® Freestyle Frog invites bass to focus on the body profile, rather than its churning legs, resulting in more strikes and more solid hookups. This unique construction process combines a lifelike Inner-Core with a soft, transparent Exo-Skin; the Freestyle Frog's twintail legs are made of the clear Exo material, which eliminates the unnatural look of other frogs' inline legs while retaining full wild water-frothing action. Anatomically perfect design and body contouring, with a slow sink rate; best rigged on an unweighted extra-wide gap hook for surface buzzing, or a weighted EWG hook for fishing the weed pockets.


  • Made with exclusive Injected Core Technology
  • Encourages bass to focus on and strike the body
  • Lifelike Inner-Core body profile
  • Soft, transparent Exo-Skin
  • Clear Exo-Skin twintail legs
  • Natural look with water-frothing action