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Larry The Lizard Rattlin' Frog-N-Craw


The 3" Rattlin Frog-N-Craw ( 5 ct. Pack) is designed to be a TOP-WATER FROG and doubles as a SUB-SURFACE FISHING FROG & is an Awesome JIG/ CHATTER BAIT TRAILER/BUZZ-BAIT TRAILER..

This bait is specifically designed to be AERO-HYDRO-DYNAMIC, which causes the bait to SWIMSUSPEND and REACT, Exactly like a real Frog when fished weed-less/ weightless Texas Rigged, and just like a live Crawfish when fishing as a Jig Trailer or Texas Rigged. 

This FROG-N-CRAW has a DUAL-RATTLIN CHAMBER SYSTEM, incorporating high quality glass rattles into each leg, or arm of the bait. The dual-rattle chambers cause an extended vibration or distress signal, that attracts fish from as far away as 30 yards, to react to the bait. This one is also made of 100% American Floating soft plastic, and naturally suspends in the water, and has a super-slow fall ratio ( sinks slower than a Senko - rigged weed-less/ weight-less). 

The Rattlin Frog-N-Craw also doubles as a Crawfish trailer on a jig, and will stand up and fight on the pauses, just like a real live crawfish in distress does. This is the most versatile bait in the Rattlin Series.

As a Top-Water bait, the Frog-N-Craw works great with a super fast presentation, just like a double Buzz bait over the top, even in heavy thick cover, due to the weed-less/ weightless Texas Rigged hook design. But, due to the floating characteristic of the bait, it also works great with a slower SUB-SURFACE PRESENTATION or TOP-WATER SITUATION.

This particular bait has taken over a Dozen Tournament Wins in the last year alone, and held my personal best of 12.6 lbs for almost 5 years, until the Big Old Rattlin Lizard got me the new personal best at 14.8 lbs.