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Falcon LowRider Casting Rods


Falcon LowRider Casting Rods


When they were first introduced in 1995, the Falcon Lowrider Casting Rods defied convention by using a series of smaller, more frequent guides, giving birth to the “low profile” rod design. Today, the Falcon Lowrider Casting Rods continue lead the way when it comes to quality, capability, and innovation. With the implementation of high-grade, aerospace-rated carbon fiber, the Falcon Lowrider Casting Rods achieve a lighter overall construction throughout each of the finely tuned, fish-catching actions. 

Continuing to meet and exceed the expectations of anglers, the Falcon Lowrider Casting Rods come equipped with Fuji tangle free K-frame guides with Fazlite rings for increased functionality and performance. Complete with Fuji blank-thru reel seats for seamless connectivity, the Falcon Lowrider Casting Rods further the Lowrider’s long line of innovative design and unbeatable quality. 


-Upgraded T2 graphite blank
-Fuji 100% tangle free K frame guides and Fazlite rings
-Fuji blank-thru reel seat

Product Specification