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Dobyns XTASY Casting Rods


Gary Dobyns has wanted to create an ultra high-end series of rods for a while, so when Toray introduced their latest Nano material he knew it was time. The very best that Dobyns has to offer, the Dobyns Xtasy Casting Rods spare nothing in terms of quality, components, or technology to achieve the finest fishing rod imaginable. Considered to be a “feel” series of rods, the Dobyns Xtasy Casting Rods utilize Toray’s advanced Nano graphite to produce a crisp, fast action that promotes superior sensitivity, making it a great choice for techniques where bite detection is paramount. 

From end-to-end, the Dobyns Xtasy Casting Rods are fitted with the finest components , like Fuji Titanium Torzite guides and painted Fuji graphite reel seats to ensure long-lasting, high-end performance. Creating a seamless connection between angler and bait, the Dobyns Xtasy Casting Rods employ AAAA-grade cork that helps transmit subtle bites, while creating a comfortable point of contact. Covered in a Kevlar wrapping for bolstered strength, the Dobyns Xtasy Casting Rods combine the very best in materials, components, and technologies to provide a superior, sensitivity-rich construction.