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Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon XL


Berkley’s finest fluorocarbon for spinning reel techniques, Berkley Trilene XL Pro Grade 100% Fluorocarbon has the lowest memory in a fluorcarbon and a thinner diameter. It casts like Trilene Sensation and flows easily off 2000- and 3000-size spinning reels. It is also virtually invisible in water and its sinking properties help increase lure depth. Perfect for finesse applications, it is incredibly sensitive with excellent abrasion resistance. The XL of professional-grade fluorocarbon, Berkley Trilene XL Pro Grade 100% Fluorocarbon is the choice of Berkley’s top pro’s as their mainline fluorocarbon for spinning reel techniques.


  • Lowest memory in a fluorocarbon
  • Thinner diameter
  • Longer casts, better handling
  • Fluorocarbon sink rate – perfect for jigging techniques
  • Good knot and shock strength
  • Virtually Invisible in water
  • Casts like a mono
  • Designed for spinning reels
  • Perfect for finesse applications