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Strike King Pro-Model Series Crankbait


Pro-Model Series 6 Gizzard Shad

Fishin' World is proud to offer the Strike King Pro-Model® Crankbait in three different series: 6, 5 & 3. Each bait in the Strike King Pro-Model® Series Crankbait line is designed to perform a unique, specific task.

Series 6

The Series 6 crank has a unique diving plane to accommodate longer casts and deeper dives down to 14'. It is perfect for covering loads of water and features systematic flat areas to send out larger shock waves. Because of its free-floating rattles and lifelike 3-D eyes, this bait will regularly outdive and outfish comparable baits.

  • Unique diving plane for longer casts and deeper dives
  • Sytematic flat areas improve vibration
  • Free-floating rattles
  • Dives 14'

Series 5

Series 5s are the go-to crank for many tournament-proven pros. Designed to dive deep, the medium-sized Pro-Model Series 5 cranks have a 2Á diving plate to allow for longer casts and deeper dives. Featuring free-floating rattles and lifelike 3-D eyes, these medium wobblers will out fish other crankbaits.

  • All Strike King hard baits are made with the best components available
  • Go-to crank for many proven pros
  • 2Á diving plate for longer casts and deeper dives
  • Free-floating rattles
  • Lifelike 3-D eyes

Series 3

The Strike Series 3 Crankbait is a small bodied deep diver and is designed to be very castable in order to search maximum depths. This is one of Strike King's most popular crankbaits.


  • Shallow to medium deep water dominators
  • Tight wiggling action
  • Free-floating rattles
  • Chip-resistant finishes
  • Reflective 3-D eyes