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Strike King Hack Attack Fluoro Flipping Jig

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Braid is the pros' line of choice for many heavy-duty flipping situations, but a different approach may be required in clearer water. The Strike King Hack Attack Fluorocarbon Flipping Jig, designed by 14-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier Greg Hackney, answers that need perfectly. Specifically adapted for use with fluoro line, this version of the popular Hack Attack jig features a more-compact head molded onto a super-strong custom siwash hook. Its large 0° line tie is ideal for tying with fluorocarbon, and provides direct inline energy transfer for superb hooksetting with less line stress. Extremely weedless, the Strike King Hack Attack Fluoro Flipping Jig effectively changes the game for bass anglers in search of a stealth presentation.  


  • Structure Jig
  • Swim Jig
  • Football Jig
  • Casting Jig
  • Skipping Jig
  • Bladed Jig
  • Ideal for flipping in clearer water
  • Specifically adapted for use with fluorocarbon
  • Compact head design
  • Super-strong custom siwash hook
  • Large 0° line tie for easier connection
  • Superb hooksetting with less line stress
  • Extremely weedless inline profile