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Sawgrass BCS5 Hybrid Casting Rod


Parabolic, progressive, regressive are all actions used to describe modern crankbait rods. Sawgrass’s BCS5 rods are built on an NFC carbon fiber/fiberglass combination blank. The combined attributes from each material allow for a softer rod, specifically in the top third of the rod. The softer action provides the angler with a few benefits.

First, its slower tip allows the fish plenty of time to “take” a bait. Second, and this is the big secret, it protects hooks. Today’s super-lines sure as hell don’t. They can straighten a light wire hook under the smallest of loads. The softer tip allows for a positive hookset with plenty of give to protect the light wire treble hooks found on top-water and cranks.

It really doesn’t matter what hard bait you are fishing. Your hook and land rates will increase because of their design.