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Gamakatsu G-Shield Tungsten Punch Weights 1pk


Built to bust through the heaviest cover effortlessly, the Gamakatsu Tungsten Punch Weights help make sure no bass can lurk out of your reach. Featuring a special “weight forward” design, it promotes more downward momentum to punch through matted vegetation with maximum efficiency.

To help keep your line in the water longer, the Gamakatsu Tungsten Punch Weights integrate a G-Shield composite insert that offers 360-degrees of knot protection. Not only does the insert offer a serious dose of defense for your line, but the G-Shield insert also has a wider base so your hook’s eye can recess into the weight creating a more compact and streamlined profile. Wrapped up in a subtle matte black finish that resists chipping and flaking, the Gamakatsu Tungsten Punch Weights are a smart addition to your favorite punching rig.