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Gamakatsu G-Shield Tungsten Flipping Weights


Built to flip and pitch into the heaviest cover with incredible efficiency, the Gamakatsu Tungsten Flipping Weights include smart attributes to enhance your favorite flippin’ setup. With abrasion defense being crucial when navigating rough cover, the Gamakatsu Tungsten Flipping Weights rely upon a G-Shield composite insert that offers anglers 360-degrees of knot protection so you can spend more time fishing and less time retying. Taking that level of protection a step further, the G-Shield insert base is wider so your hook eye can recess into the weight creating a more compact and shielded profile. Completed with a chip-resistant, subtle matte black finish the Gamakatsu Tungsten Flipping Weights are a smart asset in every terminal tackle box.

Weight Quantity
3/8oz 3
1/2oz 2
5/8oz 2
3/4oz 1
1oz 1
1-1/4oz 1