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D.O.A. Bait Buster Deep Runner 5/8 oz.


It may not be pretty, but when a slot red or slob bluefish inhales your D.O.A.™ Bait Buster Deep Runner, it's suddenly one of the the best-looking baits ever to come out of your tacklebox. Despite its clunky look, the Bait Buster is a fish-catching machine; those stubby twin curl tails produce a wild wiggling, vibrating action that inshore and nearshore fish are opowerless to refuse. With the line tie on top, the Deep Runner stays down, well under the surface—ideal for use as a searchbait, or for slowing down to bounce bottom. Made in USA.


  • Proven fish-catcher
  • Stubby twin curl tails impart wild action
  • Line tie on top of head
  • Deadly at any retrieve speed