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About Lake Picachos | Mexico Fishing Trips


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Intro Lake Picachos | Bass Fishing in Mexico

This lake is by far the easiest and most accessible than all other lakes we’ve promoted. We are never more than an hour from the best hotels, resorts, beaches and the airport.

Lake Picachos is located 30 miles northeast of the resort-city of Mazatlán. The drive from the Mazatlán Airport to lake Picachos is just under 1 hour. 

On the last night, our guests usually stay at the 5-star El Cid Resorts which is also only a short 45 minute drive from the lake. 

About Lake Picachos

The Picachos Dam construction started in 2006 on the Presidio River, which is the main river that feeds into the Lake. Construction of the dam was completed in 2009.

This lake is packed to the brim with 2-5 lbs fish. There are also MUCH larger bass in the lake with the lake record already being 12 pounds!

Bass Fishing on Lake Picachos

Picachos is on the same level of other famous bass lakes, only better. As with Lakes Guerrero, Comedero and El Salto, Picachos is know for producing 100 – 200 bass per day.

What makes Picachos rank slightly ahead of those other lakes is that it already has some Florida strain bass that weigh in excess of 10 pounds…and of course it’s much easier to access.

Favorite Lures and Techniques for Bass Fishing on Lake Picachos 

This lake is a spinnerbait fisherman’s paradise! Picachos is very brushy and heavy with cover. 

Check out our Favorite Tackle for Lake Picachos, here.

While most lures in the tackle bag will work at any given time, the lake will produce more and possibly bigger bass with topwater action in the morning and afternoons.

We also have had lots of success with the Strike King Rage Swimmer, Flukes, spinnerbaits, lizards, Senkos, and shallow running crankbaits. Pop-R’s and Super Spooks have been the big producers as well. 

Combo Fishing Packages in Mexico

Ask about our combo packages on Lake Picachos and Lake El Salto.

Due to Picachos being located halfway between Mazatlán and our other fishing operation on famous Lake El Salto, we now offer “Combo” packages that will allow our anglers to fish both lakes during the same trip!

About Lake El Salto Fishing, Mexico

Never before has such a wonderful opportunity come along to capitalize on BOTH monster catches and numbers catches in the same trip! We offer the angler such an opportunity!

El Salto, now known more for it’s trophy size bass, allows the angler the better chance at hooking that giant bass of a lifetime while Picachos will produce more numbers of quality size bass than the angler could ever imagine!  



Best Accommodations for Mexico Bass Fishing

Picachos Bass Lodge is located high on a bluff overlooking the main part of the lake. Located near the small town of Puerta de San Marcos, it is right at the water’s edge. The lodge is truly an Oasis with the look and feel of a mini resort and the view is breathtaking!

Picachos Bass Lodge is the closest and easiest access to the lake from Mazatlán.

Picachos Bass Lodge consists of 10 houses for lodging more than 20 anglers at a time. Each house consists of 2 bedrooms, a small living room area and a bathroom/shower. The Lodge also includes a dining facility to feed our anglers as well as plans to add a swimming pool.

Puerta de San Marcos village is located just 3 minutes drive from the lake and Picachos Bass Lodge, and was built for the families who lost their homes during the construction of the lake. The people there are some of the most friendly in the world. They are anxious to see foreigners visit their new village and are eager to share their small “slice of heaven on earth” and culture with our anglers!

The food…Breakfast consists of scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits, toast, pancakes, variety of fruit and cereal.

Lunch is always fried fish, fried potatoes, beef tacos and sandwiches for those that prefer something other than fish.

Dinner will consist of choice cut thick ribeye steaks on the grill, fresh huge shrimp from Mazatlán, Mexican dinner one night and Chicken Cordon Bleu for those staying four nights.

Beverages ...Of course we’ll have our famous margaritas as well as other standard alcohol beverages (Bourbon, Gin, Rum, Vodka and Wine) plus purified bottled water, soft drinks to include diet drinks and tea.

Boats and Equipment for Mexico Bass Fishing | Lake Picachos

We believe in only the best for our customers so we have furnished all 3 of our lakes with XPRESS BOATS! We have the best bass boat for these types of rugged lakes (brushy and rocky). Our customers absolutely love our bass boats. XPRESS really does make the best all-welded bass boat on the market and they’re absolutely perfect for fishing these lakes.

Each boat is equipped with front and console mount sonar with down scan imaging. Each boat is also equipped with Minn Kota trolling motors …the best model of troller they make…the 70 Pro with 24 volt operating system.

Tackle for Lake Picachos

You will need to plan to bring your own lures and reels. However, we will have a large supply of medium and heavy action bait casting rods in the 6 1/2 – 7′ lengths.

These rods are made by Lew's and are some of the best rods on the market today. We offer these rods for our anglers for convenience and to avoid the hassle of having to lug the big heavy rod cases down to Mexico. Plus with the size and weight restrictions enforced by the airlines, it makes it very difficult to check rod cases on flights these days. We believe you’ll be very pleased with our bass rods on site.

Transportation to and from Lake Picachos

We will arrange for your pickup at the airport in Mazatlán through a transportation service in Mazatlán. They charge a fee of $75.00 per person (roundtrip) for this service AND you will pay the driver ONE TIME directly upon arriving back in Mazatlán after your last day of fishing.

This transport service provides you with licensed tour guides that are bilingual (Spanish/English) and their vans are first class.

Your safety and comfort are top priority with us and these drivers and service provides such.  PLEASE NOTE: The $75 fee per person is based on a minimum of four people.

Call our store today at 214-358-4941 to book your bass fishing trip of a lifetime! These fantastic bass lakes in Mexico don’t stay fantastic forever. Now's your chance to catch 100+ bass per day in Mexico.



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