Tactical Swimbait Rod 7116-1

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The GTS Swimbait action has a soft tip and a stout butt. The soft tip easily launches weighty lures great distances. The stout butt helps during the retrieval and hook set phase. Large baits cause a lot of drag, so 
a stout rod is needed to control a bait’s movement during the retrieve. The swimbait rod features an extended, full-cork handle to reduce fatigue, and allows anglers to comfortably cradle the rod while cranking.

GTS rods are topped with Temple Fork Outfitters’ proprietary Tactical Series™ guides, machined stainless steel inserts which are super-hard chrome anodized then swaged into a chromium-impregnated stainless steel frame. What does this all mean? Super hard, super slick, saltwater safe and no more lost fishing time due to lost inserts…and they’re 30 percent lighter than standard SiC guides.

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