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We are still able to ship! Email your orders now.

Evergreen Nd Surface


Previously only available in the Japanese Domestic Market in limited quantities, the Evergreen ND 180 Wooden Wakebait offers anglers fine Japanese craftsmanship that is a cut above the rest. Featuring a natural hardwood construction with two joints, the ND 180 Wooden Wakebait floats high on the water’s surface and produces an enticing swimming action that draws fish out of cover. It also features a solid wooden tail instead of a soft plastic one, which creates an additional clanking noise, and makes it much louder than most other wakebaits on the market. Its large, oversized bill allows it to deflect off of hard structure as well and also gives it the ability to dive just below the surface on a fast retrieve.

The ND "Noisy Dachs" 180 Wooden Wakebait is a large profile lure, but its wood construction allows it to remain relatively light in weight, so anglers do not need a specialized rod and reel to fish it. It is also outfitted with a Decoy Double Locking Snap to provide extra strength at the line-tie and razor-sharp Japanese treble hooks for lightning fast hook penetration as well. Available with custom air brushed paint jobs over a silver foil finish, the Evergreen ND 180 Wooden Wakebait is a true work of art.


  • Evergreen Length: ND Wakebait 0-2ft
  • Weight: 7in
  • Depth: 2.2oz